[tminus t=“16-03-2014 08:00:00″ omitweeks=“true“ style=“hoth“ width=“500″ height=“300″
id=“Kommunalwahlen 2014″/]

ID Attribute
[tminus t=“31-12-2012 23:59:59″ id=“new-years-eve“/]
A unique ID for the countdown element. If the id attribute is not defined, a unique, random number will be assigned.

Weeks Attribute
[tminus t=“01.01.2014″ weeks=“wochen“/]
Replaces the default title for ‘weeks’.

Days Attribute
[tminus t=“1/1/2014″ days=“tage“/]
Replaces the default title for ‘days’.

Hours Attribute
[tminus t=“next Thursday“ hours=“stunden“/]
Replaces the default title for ‘hours’.

Minutes Attribute
[tminus t=“20 December 2012″ minutes=“minuten“/]
Replaces the default title for ‘minutes’.

Seconds Attribute
[tminus t=“2012-12-31 23:59:59″ seconds=“sekunden“/]
Replaces the default title for ‘seconds’.

Omitweeks Attribute
[tminus t=“2012-12-20″ omitweeks=“true“/]
Omit the weeks ‘true’ or show the weeks ‘false’. Default is ‘false’.

Style Attribute
[tminus t=“2011-12-20″ style=“carbonite“/]
Defines the style to be used by the countdown. Available styles include:

jedi (Default)

Jsplacement Attribute
[tminus t=“2012-12-20″ jsplacement=“inline“/]
Where to inject the required javascript (footer or inline). The default setting ‘footer’ is recommended.

Before Attribute
[tminus t=“2012-12-20″ before=“

May the force…

The HTML to be displayed above the countdown.

After Attribute
[tminus t=“2012-12-20″ after=“

…be with you.

The HTML to be displayed below the countdown.

Width Attribute
[tminus t=“2012-12-20″ width=“300″/]
The pre-launch width in px of the countdown – default is ‘auto’.

Height Attribute
[tminus t=“2012-12-20″ height=“200″/]
The pre-launch height in px of the countdown – default is ‘auto’.

Launchwidth Attribute
[tminus t=“2012-12-20″ launchwidth=“400″/]
The post-launch width in px of the countdown – default is ‘auto’.

Launchheight Attribute
[tminus t=“2012-12-20″ launchheight=“700″/]
The post-launch height in px of the countdown – default is ‘auto’.

Launchtarget Attribute
[tminus t=“2012-12-20“ launchtarget=“below“/]
The area that the post-launch HTML is to be displayed in (above, below, countdown or countup – default is ‘countdown’)

With a little bit of CSS knowledge, the CSS files can be easily modified. Two of the included styles—C-3PO and TIE-fighter—are generated entirely with CSS and do not required editing image files. Be sure to backup any new or modified styles offline, as updating the plugin will remove any modifications. We are always happy when people let us know about a new style they have created. If you would like to have your super-awesome style included in a future T(-) Countdown release, please email the css file to: info@twinpictures.de

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